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Does your soccer team need a sponsorship ?

Does your soccer team need a sponsorship ?

yemenNice soccer team from Yemen Sana , Does your soccer team want sponsored suits ? send us an email and tell us why your team should get one:) contact us at oromo@bakkalchatv.com.

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  1. moses says:

    I have a soccer team and I need the sponsor for my team and am 23years old

    • bakkalchatv says:

      Please send us an email at oromo@bakkalchatv.com and tell us more :) Best Regards

      • mvuselelo says:

        we have a team and we need a sponcer because we have a lot of young talented players who need to go forward with their soccer career and now we are stucked because we have nothing to depend on please sponser us if you can

    • Kagiso molotsi says:

      We looking for sponsor our team from rustenburg at chaneng in south Africa

    • Bongani H Mkhwanazi says:

      In Wattville Benoni we have a very good talented players with a bright future ahead.Soccer is in their blood,they can make us proud. We need sponsor anything jersey,soccerboots,tracksuits etc

  2. michael qilo says:

    We are a soccer team that needs some sponsorship from accros the country. We want to play local leagues, tournament and therefor to reach our goals to play national football. We do not get any sponsor or support from our local government.

  3. I am a student my shool is hremanus waldorf school it is a private school so it can’t aford samethigs like practise balls kit please we are very good at soccer one day we want you to see us high level because we can do it

  4. Jackson says:

    I sent An email

  5. khaya says:

    My team needs a sponers please help us

  6. Samir Kamara says:

    I’m a Liberia soccer player and also a sponsor and founder of a 3rd division team called Pepper Football Club which was founded in February 2009.We are striving and we are calling on for or support.We have real talents but don’t have the support to enable players fulfill their dreams and show their ability.We want your organization to help us in every possible way to help players and young Liberians talents know the important and value of their career.We have a Facebook page called Pepper football Club where you will see more details and photos of this unique soccer club.We will wholeheartedly be awaiting a successful respond and reply from your honorable office.Thanks in advance.pepper FC founder and sponsor.

  7. Samir Kamara says:

    Pepper Fc insearch of support and sponsor.A 3rd division Liberia soccer team base in Liberia,Monrovia.

  8. Samir Kamara says:

    you can check up on Facebook to get the latest update and information on our soccer club.Pepper Football Club Facebook page name.We have real talent but no support to help players achieve their goals,but with your help and support we will move this team forward.Players on this team range from 16 to 21 years of age and are determine and focus to become a professional soccer player national and internationally. Thanks in advance.

  9. Diego says:

    I have a kids soccer team and we need a sponsors can you help us?

  10. Siyabulela Shaun Stuurman says:

    My Name is Siyabulela Shaun Stuurman(23) from Eastern Cape in Uitenhage(Kwanobuhle), I am the coach of the junior team starting from under9-under17, we are looking for a sponsor for all our divisions, we really need kits because we don’t have enough kit,sometime our divisions play @the same time than we had to borrow from other teams.

    I hope to hear from you and hope that my application will be successful. Our boys can play good football.

  11. Kabelo tsheole says:

    My team are looking for sponsor from rustenburg in chaneng south AFrica.we hope you can help us

  12. melikaya mapisa says:

    hi my name is melikaya and I run soccer team that comprises of 4 divisions and due to continuous growth in terms of the number of divisions I am in need of a sponsorship kit more especially my junior levels under 11,13 and 15 use the same kit for their matches and getting a kit for each division would be much appreciated by my team.

  13. Tshwaro Mogale says:

    We manage ladies soccer team in free state sasol league and we have transport problems on our away games and we are looking for sumone who can pay for our team travelling expenses,i can be reached @ 073 168 0009

  14. jjunju brian says:

    hi, my name is jjunju brian from uganda, i started a soccer academy called dallas soccer academy training young children mainly street children with the aim of getting them off the streets and train them together as a team. these children a in levels of btn under 11 and 17. am in need of training kits like balls, bibs, cones, shoes, juzzys, socks. i hope u can help and i do apriciate whatever help u render.u can check via our facebook page(dallas soccer academy uganda). i will be greatfull to receive yo reply.

  15. Gerardo Gonzalez says:

    Looking for some sponsorship for are soccer  team @deportivo dubai fc we’re really trying to keep kids out of trouble and get more to sports so we was wondering if you  can help us please my name is Gerardo Gonzalez and my phone number is 510 394 7306

  16. Phiwe says:

    I have a team and we need sponsor can you help us??

  17. Thulanni Blosa says:

    Hello guys i am coaching ladies team we struggling we a kits can you sponsor us because if need a kits to play a match we have to hire a kits women need a kits please

  18. Thulanni Blose says:

    Hello guys i am coaching ladies team we struggling we a kits can you sponsor us because if need a kits to play a match we have to hire a kits women need a kits please my number 0721150218

  19. Phillip Botha says:

    My local team spurs est 2002 need sponsorship like sport equipment can you help us because we really wants to invest in the youngster’s life call me on 0736662252

  20. Thabang Maitsiboa says:

    Hi my name is thabang maitsiboa am staying in northern cape in kuruman my team is looking for a sponsorship so we can take our team to the next level.we will think god if you can help us..
    My contact 0826463945

  21. Angel Villamil says:

    Hi, my name is Angel and my dad and I have had teams for about 7 years now and we are looking for sponsorship in order to keep kids involved in sports we have ages 5 and up and are still maintaining to keep making growth of kids playing to become someone in the future.

  22. sydney mandla says:

    Sir /madam. I have team in eastern cape south africa name of the team young pirates f c est 1986 we real need a sponsor we don’t have socks short we only have shirts please help us

  23. i would also love to get an opportunity to be sponsored,i have a very young talented team passionate about sport well driven,born winners we only lack someone out there to help us reach our goals1

  24. Robson Mwitwa says:

    Am a zambian citizen aged 27 am a soccer player a goalkepper and sponsor aswel I have a team cald garden star wich I have the under 14 under 12 and lastly the under 10 my team is locketed in the capital city of zambia lusaka I need sponsorship pliz I need somebody out there who can stand up for academy and take it to another levle. My cell phone line is +260966098240 or you can email me:coastreyvoice@gmail.com

  25. Emmanuel says:

    Am Emmanuel and my brother Innocent we are Ugandans and we have a soccer team and it needs more support from other people
    please we kindly request you to link us to your organization
    Any assistance that is provided by your organization will be acceptable by the team
    hope to hear from you soon

  26. I here request the soonsorship for my team / green lovers fc. 0836856985

  27. Fuzile Kula says:

    I am Fuzile Kula from Rustenburg, i have a soccer team with players of great quality. I am developing under 15 and 17 players the only problem i have is getting sponsership. I just need someone to sponser my team then we can develop south African next superstars

  28. Azaria Mnyandu says:

    Hi my name is Azaria Mnyandu .In our town Nongoma Zululand we have a soccer team under 23 .The problem in our team is transport cost and soccer kits .I will be very happy if I can get any help my number is 0714202086

  29. Phineas tjia says:

    Please help us guys the name of my team is matsatsantsa fc

  30. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am coach and the owner of Young Chiefs F.C.
    I developing players from 9 years to open. I have 4 division. My problem I don’t afford to buy for them the kits and training staff. I need the help of sponsorship for my team. I live Richards Bay in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. I will appreciate if I get the sponsorship just for ones. Please help the talent of Mzanzi to grow. We try to take children to stay away from crime and drugs

    Yours Regards
    Mr. D.S. Ndhlela

  31. DAVID says:

    I have a soccer academy u15[termites soccer academy] but equipment needs are challenging.please help.

  32. Dhan raj says:

    I have a soccer teams with their skills. We want sponser so that we can be able to make improvements in our soccer carrier as well as to make u smile. Thank you

  33. Rosanna says:

    Hi I’m trying to help get my daughter high school soccer team the girls need all the he’ll they can get for the love of soccer can u help thank you

  34. Rosanna says:

    We need a sponsor

  35. im a player in swziland who is 18 years old and im talented to soccer with my young teamates which are good players and we desperate for someone who can help us in the name of God in order to develop to be seen on medias to develop

  36. kindly begging assistance someone who can aid young talented boys in swziland as my name its mancoba Bhembe… You cn find me on whats app +26876647938…

  37. Mongezi says:

    Am Mongezi @cape town am the coach of Atlantis Arsenal i m looking a sponsor gyrz cz we a very struggling interms f soccer requiments we got all division we dnt have enough kit balls we plying unde LFA @atlantis cape town plz we help us plz HERE Z MY PHONE NUMBERZ 0736002230 South africa

  38. I live in phokwane. We need sponsor please. Contact us. 0604246365

  39. Ezekiel S. Wisseh Jr says:

    I am Ezekiel S. Wisseh Jr. a player of Catherine Football Club, we need a sponsor to help our current sponsor (Catherine) manage this wonderful team to the highest level.

  40. We want sponsorship for our team our team s name is diamond city in South Africa northern cape windsorton

  41. Richard says:

    Hi guys, i formed up a soccer academy for kids in Zambia and need sponsors i managed to get 70% of training equipment and i need help because i find that there are alot of things needed to run a well organised soccer academy and that is my focus, please help if you can.

  42. vusumuzi NKOSI says:

    We as Simphiwe Developing Stars we humble request your department to sponsor our teams with soccer equipment especially soccer Kits.
    In our association we have 7 teams that campaign in association, those teams consist of two division of which are under 13/and under 15,Our main challenge is soccer kits for those teams. Please give us a call at: 0720986912//0611960532.if you’d like additional information on our soccer teams or its mission. It will be great pleasure if we could work together to achieve great result in soccer skills development for these boys. With your help will make a huge difference in this association and the community of Louwsburg and the lives of these boys as well as teams.

    We are looking to forward to your response.

    Yours in sport
    Vusumuzi nkosi:

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